Dr. Jacqueline L. Wolf
  • More than seventy million Americans suffer from digestive diseases.
  • Here are a few of many questions Dr. Wolf answers in plain English.
  • disc  Why do my jeans fit only in the morning?
  • disc  Why am I always guzzling Pepto-Bismol before a big meeting?
  • disc  Could my PMS cramps mean something serious?
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Dr. Wolf’s Top Ten Most Common Issues
1. What if I can’t make it to a toilet in time?
2. How can I go completely when my kids are banging at the door?
3. What if I fart while having sex?
4. How can I afford to buy all the supplements, vitamins and medications necessary to make my stomach feel normal again?
5. How can I afford to eat healthfully?
6. I’m always late for work because I can’t get off the toilet!
7. I can’t go out to eat-everything makes me sick!
8. My belly bloats up by the end of the day and I look seven months pregnant.
9. I can’t control the noises my stomach makes!
10. I can’t stop farting in public!
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