Jacqueline Wolf, M.D Dr. Jacqueline L. Wolf
  • More than seventy million Americans suffer from digestive diseases.
  • Here are a few of many questions Dr. Wolf answers in plain English.
  • disc  Why do my jeans fit only in the morning?
  • disc  Why am I always guzzling Pepto-Bismol before a big meeting?
  • disc  Could my PMS cramps mean something serious?
  • disc  more
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Table of Contents
Chapter 1    How Uncouth: Stomach Shame
Chapter 2    Endometriosis and Feminine GI Troubles: Symptoms Every Woman Should Understand
Chapter 3    Do These Pants Come with an Elastic Waist?" The Truth about Gas, Bloating and Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Chapter 4    When You Know Every Bathroom in Town: Diarrhea
Chapter 5    When You Just Can’t Go: Constipation
Chapter 6    Stinky Burps: Heartburn and Halitosis
Chapter 7    When It’s Really Bad: Time to Get Help
Chapter 8    Nine Months of This? Minimizing Stomach Problems During Pregnancy
Chapter 9    Eating Your Way to Health
Chapter 10    Doctors’ Visits and Medications
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